[55/365] I < 3 UCLA HOOPS, UCLA Student Store, Los Angeles, California, USA

Oh, trust me, I know UCLA is not doing well this year in basketball. I've seen way too many disappointing games, including senior day this past Saturday at Pauley. Regardless, I still love and will follow UCLA basketball. There was a basketbally display in the student store - fun memories of stops here on the way to classes!

[54/365] Natalie's Tiramisu Birthday Cake, Hollywood, California, USA

What a pretty tiramisu cake! Too bad I was WAY too full to eat anything else after dinner. Happy (belated) birthday to my friend, Natalie! Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration. :)

[53/365] Sierra Slopes, Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Happy Friday! This was a photo from the slopes at Sierra in Tahoe back around New Years. Hope everyone has a great weekend - hopefully I'll have new photos next week. Need some inspiration this weekend!

[52/365] Chicken Nachos, National Margarita Day, Culver City, California, USA

Did you know that this past Monday was National Margarita Day? Don't believe me? Google it and you'll see that it is true. Anyway, we had a nice little feast of homemade nachos and quesadillas, and of course a margarita to go along with it (had to honor the holiday!). =P

[51/365] Courtyard behind 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA

Outside in the courtyard behind 2000 Avenue of the Stars, there were these seating areas set up in the grass. It was a quiet, windy day, so all of these were empty. Felt like it was a great place to sit to admire all the towering skyscrapers all around you!

[50/365] 2000 Avenue of the Stars, Annenberg Space for Photography, Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA

I've been wanting to go here for so long! It's the Annenberg Space for Photography, located on Avenue of the Stars, right next door to me in Century City! Great place for a photography enthusiast! Currently, the main exhibit is SPORTS, photography by Iooss and Leifer. Some of the most iconic sports photos in the past decade were taken by them - everyone from Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Serena Williams, Kristi Yamaguchi, Kevin Garnett to Michelle Kwan had photos there. Huge sports events like the Olympics, World Series and the Superbowl also had its place in the photography museum. The span of their work is impressive - it was quite inspiring. Can't wait to go there for their next exhibit - National Geographic's take on fresh water, on a local and global context.

The actual place is at 2000 Avenue of the Stars, but it is a stand alone building right behind this one.

[49/365] Fall Leaves, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA

This was a photo from a past trip to Virginia during the fall. A colorful array of leaves on the trees and on the ground. Fun times!

[48/365] Downtown LA Views from the Standard, Los Angeles, California, USA

From the rooftop bar, there were great views of Downtown LA!

[47/365] The Standard Hotel Rooftop Bar, Los Angeles, California, USA

The rooftop bar at the Standard Hotel in downtown LA is quite the sight by night. With views of LA high rise buildings and a great ambiance, it was a great time! There was even a pool lit with blue lights and reflections of the surrounding buildings.

[46/365] Vintage Camera Equipment, Antiques Store, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Vintage camera equipment looks so cool! Not sure how long ago these were from, but my has the evolution of camera been significant! We walked into a antiques store along State Street and among the random items, there were a lot of different cameras and accesories. Going into antique stores, I always wonder what the history is behind each item. There must be plenty of stories to be told!

[45/365] Joyce & Scott, "Engagement" Photo Session, San Francisco, California, USA

I had a lot of fun photographing this couple! Haha. Hand in hand, they ran down the streets of San Francisco. I even got into the photo, along with Steven, with our shadows. Good thing there weren't that many cars that day!

[44/365] Tet Decorations, San Jose, California, USA

Tet (Vietnamese New Year/Lunar New Year) is just around the corner (it's tomorrow!). When I went to San Jose a couple weeks ago, there were displays all over the place with festive foods and decorations on sale. They were full of bright red and gold designs - signs of good luck and a prosperous new year. Wishing everyone a happy new year! 

Chúc Mừng Năm Mới! 
(Happy New Year in Vietnamese)

[43/365] Cool Packaging, Coffee, San Francisco, California, USA

Loved the packaging on Joyce's coffee!

[42/365] Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California, USA

More of the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts on a lovely Sunday in the city. :)

[41/365] Rainbow over Downtown LA, Los Angeles, California, USA

After a rain storm, the sky does amazing things. I was in my office all day as there were periods of rain, and as the sun would have started setting, I looked outside and saw this huge rainbow stretch over what seemed like all of Downtown LA. It was so nice!

[40/365] Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA

Love the Golden Gate Bridge!

[39/365] Bird Outside The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California, USA

As we walked along the water surrounding the Palace of Fine Arts, I spotted this bird through the tall green grass. The water and the reflections behind it create such a sense of peacefulness. Lovely day in San Francisco!

[38/365] Purse & Outfit, My Grandma, San Jose, California, USA

 My grandma is stylin'! After we left the Grand Century Mall right in the heard of Little Saigon in San Jose, we headed back out to the car and I snapped a photo of my grandma's purse and outfit. I think its because I was eying the purse - I think I want one!

[37/365] Ice Skating Rink, Santa Monica, California, USA

Ice skating outside in Santa Monica, just steps from the Third Street Promenade was so much fun! I haven't gone in a while, so after quickly getting over the initial fears, I was able to build up confidence and enjoy myself. :)

[36/365] Fogo de Chao, DineLA Restaurant Week, Beverly Hills, California, USA

Another amazing dineLA Restaurant Week experience! This time, the place was Fogo de Chao in Beverly Hills, an all you can eat Brazilian BBQ restaurant. When our circular cards were turned to green, the employees walked throughout the restaurant, offering just one of the 15 different meat options from chicken to beef to pork cooked a plethora of different ways. Not to mention, their cheese bread rolls were delicious too!

[35/365] Palace of Fine Arts Closed, San Francisco, California, USA

I've been wanting to go see the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, but unfortunately, it was closed off that day!

[34/365] Cafe Was, Dine LA Restaurant Week, Hollywood, California, USA

Live to eat. DineLA Restaurant Week 2010 is in full effect. What restaurant did we choose? Cafe Was in Hollywood. I love the ambiance there! It's a French bistro type restaurant and the center of the dining room has this amazing piano that rotates slowly as you have dinner. While we were there, there was someone playing and singing (maybe I should have gotten her name). Started off the meal with a tuna tartare with a date wrapped in bacon, moved onto the Soup du Jour - a vegetable soup, then on to the main course - a seafood bouillabaisse, and then finally finished off with a dessert of apple caramel beignet with vanilla ice cream! Wow, it was all delicious! :) Gotta love a good fine dining experience.

[33/365] Building Along the Water, San Francisco, California, USA

I can't remember seeing what this building was exactly, but it was right along the water, in great view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Loved the puddle of water and the great reflections in it!

[32/365] Bicycles, San Francisco, California, USA

Nice, sunny day at the park as we walked towards the Golden Gate Bridge!

[31/365] Claire, Joyce, Steven & the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA

I've been wanting to take pictures in SF for a long time. I love bridges, and not to mention, I had great models to work with! =P The rain had stopped from previously in the weekend and so the weather in the city was really nice. I like how candid this photo was.

[30/365] Nemo, Union City, California, USA

Of course, when I come home, I'm greeted by Nemo. He's gotten big!

[29/365] Dim Sum for Lunch, San Jose, California, USA

I had a great weekend in the bay area! Had lunch with my mom, brother, aunts, uncle and grandma, and my request was dim sum. I think if you asked me what my favorite food is, dim sum would be very near the top. Yum! I'm getting hungry just looking at it!