Rainy Day in Los Angeles, LA Marathon, Los Angeles, California, USA

My goodness...WHERE has March gone?! Time is moving so fast...or is this a sign of how busy I have been!? On March 20th my friends and thousands of other runners converged upon the streets of Los Angeles to run the LA Marathon. This year, they were greeted with intense rain. What troopers for making it through 26.2 miles of the rain storm! Congrats Jen, John, Myha and Steven!

Fall Leaves, Kyoto, Japan

This a photo from my trip to Japan back in 2009. Japan was such an amazing place to travel to. It saddens me when I watch coverage of everything going on over there.

My thoughts and well wishes are with those in Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.

Snow Falling, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

What a pretty sight to see snow falling!

On the Lift, Park City, Utah, USA

What an amazing view! We took the lift up and up and up and when I turned around to take a picture, this is what I saw below. Park City...such great views!