[79/365] Andrew, Urban Light Display, LACMA, Los Angeles, California, USA

It's always a treat having visitors! Sometime last year, my mom and brother visited me in LA and I was a tour guide to the City of Angels! It was fun. It's amazing how much I have learned about LA since moving here almost 8 years ago (wow, that's a long time!). About one-third of my life has been spent here...just thought of that right now.

Anyway, at night I took them to the Urban Light Display and took this picture of my brother, Andrew with the lights in the background.

[78/365] People at The Grove, Los Angeles, California, USA

Before heading to the parking lot at the Grove, I waited just before the entrance and increased my shutter speed to capture the movement of people moving in and out of the area. The sky was a lovely dark blue color!

[77/365] White & Pink Flowers, Carlsbad Flower Fields, Carlsbad, California, USA

Today I had brunch at La Dijonaise in Culver City and the paintings throughout the restaurant were so nice! They were scenes from all over with colorful, vibrant colors. This photo reminds me of a painting of a field of flowers blowing in the wind there, right behind our table. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Wish it didn't have to end!

[76/365] The Geffen Conteporary at MOCA Crosswalk Button, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA

Upon entering the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA Downtown, you get a sticker. This is where the stickers go afterwards!

[75/365] Waiting with my Suitcase at the Seattle Airport, Seattle, Washington, USA

When I have weekend trips, I always try to maximize my time. I rushed from work to LAX one day, ready to board my flight to Seattle. Little did I know, a protest on Century Blvd. would create more traffic than I expected. I parked and ran to the Virgin America terminal that seemed to be the furthest possible location, only to be told that I was late and would be missing my flight that night. This was about a year and a half ago. I was able to make it onto the early flight the next morning so it wasn't the end of the world. Gotta love how hectic my weekend trips are! This photo was taken the morning I finally arrived in Seattle, waiting to be picked up.

This suitcase has gone through a lot with me - from trips to Vegas, Bay Area, NY, DC, Costa Rica, Kansas City - it's been everywhere! I'm on the search for a new one, though. I've had my eye out for a good carry-on, but haven't quite found the perfect one yet.

[74/365] Bench Overlooking the Oregon Coast, Cannon Beach, Oregon, USA

About a year ago this time, I took a trip to Oregon and we drove to the coast to see the beautiful Oregon coastline. Driving into the Ecola State Park, we came upon this bench on a grassy area overlooking the water. It was really windy, but seeing the coastline was well worth it!

[73/365] Runners, LA Marathon 2010, Los Angeles, California, USA

26.2 miles - that's crazy! I could never imagine running that long! We were looking out for Myley and Lien to give them some support along the race route. Just a little before the 19th mile was the intersection of Overland and Santa Monica and that's where we stood looking out for them and we found them! The live tracking website was very helpful for that, too! They sent alerts with time and pace every 5K they did so we had a better idea of when they'd be running by. This is a photo of random runners there. Congratulations to all the marathon runners!

[72/365] Stadium to the Sea Medals, LA Marathon, Santa Monica, California, USA

Congratulations to Myley and Lien for finishing the LA Marathon with great times! We made these "medals" to give to them upon completion of the 26.2 miles. This year's course was called "Stadium to the Sea" because it started at Dodger Stadium and ended up at Santa Monica Pier. Yay!

[71/365] Compass and Good Luck Charms, Great Urban Race, Los Angeles, California, USA

I wore this around my neck for the Great Urban Race as a good luck charm AND the compass was actually useful! I love my new compass - there's just something about maps and directions that fascinates me! I'm going to put the compass on my keys so I'll always know what direction I'm going in. Haha :)

[70/365] Bruin Jetsetters, Great Urban Race, Los Angeles, California, USA

A one day Amazing Race - what fun!

Team name: Bruin Jetsetters. Mission: Solve & complete 11 of 12 clues all over Downtown Los Angeles and West Hollywood. Rules: Only use public transportation and foot to get around. Phones, computers, GPS, phone a friend googles all allowed.

This past Saturday, Connie and I, along with our team counterparts: Dances with Wolves (Myha and Jon) set out on an adventure that took us around LA! We dressed up in UCLA gear, and these necklaces (shown in picture). At noon we got the envelope of 12 clues, and got started on figuring them all out with the help of Blackberrys, GPS, and friends. We then mapped it out and headed off! The clues required us to take pictures of various things or collect different items.

We roamed throughout Pershing Square, Staples Center & Nokia Plaza, Santa Monica Blvd. & Highland Ave. in West Hollywood. We utilized bus and subway to get around, and a whole lot of walking/running. Tiring, but definitely a great adventure!

[69/365] Metro Station at Wilshire & Normandie, Los Angeles, California, USA

My office building just looks like a typical high rise on the way east towards Downtown. Ever since I started working there, I always saw escalators and stairs descending far underground. Last year, I finally got the chance to take the escalators down to take the Metro for the first time. In LA, I have always been skeptical of public transportation, so it was odd to me to actually see a subway system! I don't even think that I knew that it even existed. Anyway, yesterday I took a trip down there again. I hope that the subway will one day extend to some other parts of LA that I frequent more! I appreciate great public transportation systems that I've experienced in many places around the world - LA isn't quite there yet.

[68/365] Sunset at the Beach, Laguna Beach, California, USA

The weather in LA has been beautiful! Sunny days just naturally make me happier. This must mean its time to spend days outdoors and at the beach! That's why I decided to post a beach picture today - this is from Laguna Beach as the sun was setting. Have a great day everyone!

[67/365] Encore Hotel Room, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Encore is a lovely hotel! It could be one of my favorites in Vegas (along with the Wynn and theVenetian). The view from our room was of the Las Vegas strip that never sleeps. Great view! We stayed there our last night in Vegas. Wish I didn't have an early morning flight so that I could enjoy it the whole night!

[66/365] Roses & Planes, Dress, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I was drawn towards the print on the fabric of this dress (and of course I bought the dress!). At first glance, its odd to see planes mixed with roses, but I think it works! I mean, don't you think those just logically go together?!

[65/365] The Alexandria Hotel, Los Angeles, California, USA

A famous LA landmark that one day hosted celebrities and several US Presidents, The Alexandria Hotel was by a busy part of Spring Street at Downtown LA Art Walk. It was built in 1906 by John Parkinson, responsible for other famous LA landmarks like the Los Angeles City Hall and Union Station. The Hotel is now going through a historic preservation, while also providing low income housing. Interesting choice of transformation, but seems to be working?

[64/365] Spring Street, Downtown LA Art Walk, Los Angeles, California, USA

The second Thursday of every month, the masses converge upon the streets of Downtown LA for Art Walk. Spring Street and surrounding streets are full of galleries open to the public. Musicians play in the streets and the whole environment is full of liveliness not always seen on a Thursday night downtown. This was my first time going and I enjoyed it a lot! Great being surrounded by others that appreciated the art all around them!

[63/365] London Eye & Big Ben, London, United Kingdom

Last summer, I was in London for the first time since my study abroad back in 2005. It was great revisiting and seeing London as a woman in the working world (and with a better camera!). I think it made me realize that while I'm older, I'm still the same person that loves exploring the world. I don't think that will ever go away. :)

Anyway, thank you for the suggestions on photo ideas...keep 'em coming! Comment on my previous post to suggest ideas!

[62/365] Snow Covered Trees, Lake Tahoe, California, USA, +photo diary photo suggestions request!

Photo ideas haven't come easily as of late. I'm having a hard time thinking of photos to post/photograph so it seems as if I've only been posting every other day. I know...it's a daily photo blog, so I really should be consistent. You know, in April, it will be one year since I started this thing. I've enjoyed it lots, but I need your help to continue it!

This photo was from about a year ago in Tahoe when we woke up on Sunday to a ton of pure white and beautiful snow! We had to wait for the snow to be cleared (and for shoveling of snow off our cars) to head back to LA.

My friend, Thieu, told me that he didn't see many pictures of snow, so I said I'd put one up for him. So, that gave me an idea! I want you to give me inspiration - what do YOU want to see photos of?! Comment on this post and let me know (you can be as specific or abstract as you want and leave it up to my imagination). You can even suggest something anonymously if you want. I'd love to try to fulfill everyone's requests - and it will definitely help me continue!

Thanks in advance if you do decide to suggest something. :)

[61/365] "Take Chances", Live Good Book, Jamba Juice, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Catching up on missing photo diary posts! Sorry for not being daily!

I came upon this book of inspirational and empowering quotes in a Jamba Juice. The book is called "Live Good". Liked this quote a lot! The small quote on the left says, "If you risk nothing, then you risk everything".

[60/365] Clock Tower, Downtown, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Downtown Santa Cruz is easily recognized by the clock tower at the beginning of the street. The clouds were gray, signaling rainy hours to come, but luckily it stayed dry while we were there!

[59/365] Lone Pair of Converses, Urban Outfitters, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Strolled throughout Downtown Santa Cruz in the chilly weather. We stopped in an Urban Outfitters and came across a lone pair of chucks among the clothes displays. Just seemed kind of lonely all by itself on the ground...

[58/365] Mural, Downtown Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, California, USA

Visited my brother at UC Santa Cruz and decided to check out Downtown Santa Cruz. This was a mural along a side street of downtown where my brother, Andrew, and my cousin, Tiffany, blended into the scene.

[57/365] Charm Necklace, Los Angeles, California, USA

My posts have been every other day...need inspiration! :( Anyway, stuck close to home today for my photo of the day. I love accesories...especially charm necklaces! Love the little charms on this one - represents me well. :)

[56/365] Sarah P. Duke Garden, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina, USA

The Sarah P. Duke Garden on the Duke University Campus is huge! This is one of the bridges we crossed as we ventured through the different parts of the garden. It was a beautiful fall day!

Odd, I felt like a bit of a traitor because I was actually enjoying the campus. All I have to say for that is college basketball. You know what school I love more though. :)