[255/365] Piano Keys, Fremont, California, USA

I played piano for a number of years...too bad I'm still not very good. My brother is much better at it. Anyway, I still love playing what I know of Fur Elise. Haha, the only song I can play by heart.

[254/365] Game of Uno, Fremont, California, USA

Uno reminds me of childhood family parties! We played again this year on Thanksgiving. Draw four, blue 6, draw two, skip, reverse, UNO!

[253/365] Christmas Decorations, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California, USA

The holidays are here! Christmas decorations all over the city...just a few more weeks until Christmas! I love this time of the year. :)

[252/365] Honey Baked Ham, Thanksgiving Dinner, Fremont, California, USA

 So, who's hungry? I am now that I look at this photo! This was another photo from Thanksgiving day dinner. Obviously.

[251/365] Thanksgiving Dinner, Fremont, California, USA

It has been a few years since I've been home for Thanksgiving. This year, I went over to my uncle's house and my family had a nice dinner with turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and another table of Vietnamese food: banh cuon, fried fish, etc. It was a good mix and I was definitely full!

Hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful (as with any other day in the year) for all my family and my friends, old and new. Holidays are such a fun time of the year.

Thank you for reading my blog!! Only 114 more posts to finish up my 365 for the year. By end of 2010. 33 more days. Oh dear... :P

[250/365] Group Picture in the Ornament, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, California, USA

A creative way to take a group photo! I was touring LA with some visitors, so we headed to Rodeo Drive.

Exploring LA this weekend, I realized that Christmas decorations are up all over town. I cannot believe Thanksgiving is in a little over one day and December is right around the corner. Where did 2010 go?! Time is seriously FLYING by.

[249/365] Macaroons Display, Paulette, Beverly Hills, California, USA

What a lovely macaroons display at Paulette in Beverly Hills!

[248/365] Bird Watching, Everglades, Miami, Florida, USA

The bird almost looked fake, but indeed, it was real! We saw it on the airboat tour of the Everglades.

[247/365] Tree Against a Blue Sky, Beverly Hills, California, USA

Everyone knows California doesn't really have seasons, but this made me feel like it was actually Fall. :) Short work week...yay!

[246/365] Wilshire Boulevard Street Sign, Beverly Hills, California, USA

As we walked towards Rodeo Drive for some sightseeing with LA visitors, took this photo of the Wilshire Boulevard sign in Beverly Hills...

[245/365] Spanish Latte, Urth Caffe, Beverly Hills, California, USA

I don't drink too much coffee, but after seeing pictures of the designs they do with the coffee drinks you order, I just couldn't resist! I got a Spanish latte, and it was delicious. I got the mild coffee, so it was perfectly hot and sweet. Urth Caffe is so cute! Great for people watching. :)

[244/365] OMG Usher Tour, Staples Center, Los Angeles, California, USA

I'm so glad I got last minute tickets to see Usher. He definitely knows how to put on a SHOW! I loved it because I feel like I grew up listening to him so everything was a song I recognized.

One of my FAVORITE lines from his songs, "It's 7 o'clock on the dot, I'm in my drop top, cruising the streets...". Know what song that is? Anyways, I melted when I heard him sing it. :P

[243/365] Alligator, Everglades, Miami, Florida, USA

Yes, I know these alligators grew up surrounded by tourists, but it was still a little scary being so close to them on the airboat. The airboat tour was so much fun - for parts of it we were slowly drifting along, looking out for gators and for part of it we were speeding through the Everglades, with water splashing onto us.

The Everglades are subtropical wetlands that cover parts of Southern Florida. Glad we were able to take a short day excursion to see more outside of the Miami Beach area.

[242/365] Colorful Bird, Gator Park, Everglades, Miami, Florida, USA

The Airboat tour was full of stops to view the wildlife, including alligators, turtles and birds like this one. So colorful!

[241/365] Collins Street, Miami Beach, Florida, USA

I love the architecture of Miami. The Art Deco style is part of the design of many of the hotels and buildings there. It feels modern, but at the same time, vintage. Loved Miami! Wish I could be back there and lying out on the beach in November again...

[240/365] LA Skies While Driving Down Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA

WOW. Sometimes the skies of LA turn this beautiful mixture of red, purple, and orange. Loved it!

[239/365] Pier, Manhattan Beach, California, USA

It was a nice few minutes at the beach...until it started getting colder... Why is it that it's hot on weekdays when I don't have time to go to the beach, but on the weekend when I have time, it gets considerably cooler? Darn.

[238/365] Spicy Tuna Roll, Sushi Misu, Los Angeles, California, USA

Food photography on the new camera is fun! Yummmm, sushi!

[237/365] Globe, Los Angeles, California, USA

Thank you, old roomie Jill! I got a globe for my birthday - now I can spin it and see where next in the world I will be!

[236/365] Preparation for Mass Ascension, Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Waking up before dawn never felt more worth it! We got to watch as the balloons started inflating and lifting off.

[235/365] "I Voted", Election Day, Los Angeles, California, USA

 It's always exciting being able to put on an "I Voted" sticker as I walk out of the polling place! Rock the vote!

On a side note, I don't know how it got this bad, but I have 130 posts to get to 365! ...And I have less than 2 months (about 60 days) to make this happen. O_o