[117/365] Walkway, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, USA

Cool architecture on a walkway just outside one of the dorms at the University of Texas, Austin! I like the use of lines and shadows in the design.

Happy Friday!

[116/365] Colorful Wall, Chuy's Restaurant, Houston, Texas, USA

I loved how colorful the walls were at Chuy's. This was my last meal in Texas and it sure was filling!

[115/365] Baby Nathaniel, Los Angeles, California, USA

Trang and Doug's newborn baby, Nathaniel, is so cute! I went to visit him this week and even though he doesn't talk, it's still so interesting to watch his every little movement. He's 4 weeks old and so adorable. I just know he's going to grow up so fast!

[114/365] Outdoors on a Spring Night, The Salt Lick, Driftwood, Texas, USA

The wait at the Salt Lick was long, but at least they have performances and an outdoor seating area. We finally got to be seated at our table as the sun had set and the lights had turned on in the outdoor area. Felt like a beautiful Spring night in Texas!

[113/365] The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que Restaurant, Driftwood, Texas, USA

All you can eat BBQ in Texas? Sounds good to me! The Salt Lick restaurant is located just outside of Austin. During the long wait (1 hour, 30 minutes), we roamed the grounds and found things to take pictures of. As we walked into the dining area, we saw the huge pit that all the meat is cooked on. They even invited us behind the counter and around the pit to take pictures as we pleased. That's never happened before!

Mmmmm. Texas BBQ - ribs, brisket and sausages! =P It really seems like all I did in Texas was eat! I left the last restaurant we went to on Sunday night saying that I never wanted to eat ever again (I was soo full!). Haha. I guess it was just an "in the moment" type of comment. I ate today...

[112/365] Jet Ski, Lake Travis, Austin, Texas, USA

Jet skis are so much fun! We had them for 2 hours - why I didn't ride it more than I did, I just don't understand! Oh wells, next time!

We got a pontoon boat and 2 jet skis and relaxed on the waters of Lake Travis in Austin. Wonderfully sunny day to soak in the sun on the boat and jump in the lake even though it was cold! Fun times. :)

[111/365] Sculptures, Downtown, Houston, Texas, USA

The weather in Houston was lovely when I was there! We went to the Discovery Green in the heart of downtown and saw these interesting looking sculptures. It was a sunny day, with low humidity. Perfect. Texas was so much fun!

Blog Update: Out of Town

I was out of town for the weekend - new pictures to come tonight! :)

[110/365] Travel Books, Los Angeles, California, USA

I have a lot of travel books and here is just a snapshot of some - both destinations I've gone to and ones I want to one day visit. Every summer I take a trip somewhere new in the world, but I have yet to figure out where to go this summer. Any suggestions?! Any interested travel buddies? :)

[109/365] Hammocks, Los Angeles, California, USA

I like Spring days of hammocks and shade under big trees!

[108/365] "Water: Our Thirsty World", Annenberg Space for Photography, Century City, Los Angeles, California, USA

I love this place! Right now, the Annenberg Space for Photography has an exhibit about the state of the freshwater crisis in the world (yes, there's a crisis). While the space is small, the photos that they chose each have powerful messages about how important freshwater is throughout the world. Going to see this really made me think about how much I take for granted the fact that I have water whenever I want it when there are others that value water more than even money. They bring it closer to home by showing California and it's pipe dreams - did you know that nearly all the water in Los Angeles is pumped in from other parts of the state (and country)? The center area has HD video on huge screens with words from the photographers and their inspiration and background of their journalistic art. I highly recommend everyone go see it - it's free!

[107/365] "Sir Remington Waddlesworth, II" aka "Remy", Los Angeles, California, USA

Today I spent HOURS with some friends and some dogs! It was a puppy party. I went a bit picture crazy. This is Ken's dog - Remy! He's so photogenic. He ran all over the yard with his new buddy, Gizmo, Pierre's dog. They got so much exercise! What a life...

[106/365] Blue & Yellow Ribbon, Los Angeles, California, USA

It's the weekend! I've just been looking for things to photograph. Among the millions of arts & crafts things I have, I found this yellow and blue ribbon (I had it for some UCLA-themed project). These spools of ribbon look like they had so much ribbon, but once you unwind it, you realize just how short it is...

[105/365] Light Streaks, Urban Light Display, Los Angeles, California, USA


These are light streaks from the Urban Light Display just outside the LACMA on Wilshire Blvd...

[104/365] Flowers, Huntington Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California, USA

Such vibrant colors!

[103/365] Japanese Garden, Huntington Botanical Garden, San Marino, California, USA

Japanese gardens are so peaceful. Sitting on the grass looking towards the pond and bridge, while contemplating the meaning of life sounds nice right about now!

[102/365] Photo Diary One Year Anniversary!, Coast, Rancho Palos Verdes, California, USA

Can you believe it?? It has been exactly one year since I first started this photo diary!

Happy one year anniversary to my photo diary! Haha. To celebrate, I got my camera something today - a new prime lens! I'm excited that I've actually continued this throughout a whole year - and hope to continue it for years to come.

I also wanted to make sure that I was caught up (102 posts, 102 days into the year!) so I posted NINE pictures today. Missing a few days here and there kept putting me behind.

The photo today is of the water along the coast of Rancho Palos Verdes, coincidentally the location of the very first photo in my diary.

"There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer." -Ansel Adams (This is why I call it my photo diary. A photo can say what words can't always say.)

* :) *

[101/365] Bus towards Downtown LA, Los Angeles, California, USA

I was taking some photos at night in LA and as we were walking along the streets, a bus was coming down the street. Through the open area in the bus stop area, I took a photo of this one going along Wilshire Boulevard towards Downtown LA.

[100/365] Spring at the Bellagio Garden, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The garden at the Bellagio Hotel transforms completely with changing seasons or holidays. Right now, there is a springtime theme, with the garden full of flowers in an array of colors. I liked the reflection on this water sphere. :)

[99/365] Wine Glass & Candle, Restaurant at Aria, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Passed by a restaurant while exiting the hotel and liked the dimly lit ambiance, so I took a photo!

[98/365] Emerging Photographers Silhouette, Month of Photography Los Angeles Exhibit, Los Angeles, California, USA

The sign and silhouette says it all - emerging photographers, LA! This is a silhouette of my friend, Steven with his camera. It was a fun photography exhibit for Month of Photography (April!), Los Angeles.

[97/365] Birds & Cherry Blossom Cake, Jean Philippe Patisserie, Las Vegas, Nevada

This bakery in Aria had the cutest cakes and desserts ever! I was mesmerized by this one. The pink birds, coupled with the cherry blossoms were so pretty!

[96/365] Crystals, City Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I will admit that I am not a huge fan of the Crystals shopping area in Vegas, but I thought these stairs were really pretty. Walking down the stairs, it just seemed like plain looking wooden steps, but when you look back behind you, the colorful designs are a treat!

[95/365] Springtime Flowers, Encore, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

In Vegas, I think the interior decorations are the nicest in Encore and Wynn. Springtime brings beautiful colorful flowers to the hotels. Loved this flower arrangement!

[94/365] Blue & Yellow Straws, Tea Station, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

I liked the colors of these straws. Stopped at Tea Station for some refreshments while in Vegas! Yes, I went to Vegas yet again this year!

[93/365] I love NY Vintage Map, Los Angeles, California, USA

I got this vintage NY map at an arts & crafts store on Haight Street in San Francisco. I love maps! This one is of Manhattan...all the north-south Avenues and east-west Streets. Everywhere I travel, I collect shotglasses and this is one of the ones I got from NY. I love NY! (Side note, the location I put in the post title refers to the place I took the photo and since I took it at my apartment in Los Angeles, that's what it is tagged as.)

Happy Friday, everyone!

[92/365] Cars Speeding Down Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, USA

It was a dark night in Los Angeles, but cars were still zooming down Wilshire Boulevard. Across the street is the El Rey Theater, although it seemed deserted that night.

[91/365] Photo District News Emerging 30 Opening Reception, The Icon, Los Angeles, California, USA

Did you know that April is Month of Photography, Los Angeles (mopla.org)? I just found out yesterday, looked up the calendar and found some cool photography events around Los Angeles throughout this month. Last night was the Photo District News Emerging 30 opening reception, featuring work from 30 emerging photographers. It took place at the Icon on Wilshire Boulevard. Love seeing photography by other people - keeps me inspired!

Happy Photography Month! So perfect...this coming Monday, April 12, is my one year anniversary of the start of this photo diary! I'm getting my camera a gift in the form of accessories (lens) on Monday, only fitting for an anniversary, right? :)

[90/365] Baby Carried Through Takeshita Street in Harajuku District, Tokyo, Japan

There are so many interesting things to see in the Harajuku area of Tokyo - all kinds of unique and colorful outfits. I was taking photos, and I'm glad I got this one. This baby is adorable and its like they were looking straight at the camera. Cutie!

[89/365] Red Velvet Cake & Mini Cupcake, Toast, Los Angeles, California, USA

So it may be hard for you to believe, but I'm not a big fan of desserts and sweets. But, I have a soft spot for red velvet cupcakes, cakes, cheesecakes...anything! Toast on Beverly Blvd. has one of my favorite red velvet cakes. Delicious! Moist red velvet cake topped with a just perfect cream cheese frosting. I bought a slice of the cake and they were nice enough to give me a mini cupcake for free! Mmmmm....

[88/365] Springtime, Huntington Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California, USA

It is officially Spring!

[87/365] Palm Trees and High Rise Buildings, Downtown, Los Angeles, California, USA

It was already starting to get dark, but the buildings and the palm trees still glowed with the brightness of street lights and indoor lights. In the background, the Central Library can be seen. It's always fun taking pictures of downtown at night!

[86/365] Cooking a Pasta Dish, Los Angeles, California, USA

It has been a while since I've cooked, but it was nice finally doing it again! Glad I got myself motivated enough to do it - left work late, went grocery shopping, prepared and finished cooking within 45 minutes, ate, and cleaned up! Things feel like so much less work when you move quickly and just force yourself to do it. This pasta is one of my favorites to cook - a pasta with marinara sauce with a mixture of sausage, ground beef, green bell peppers and onions. Looks like I have lunch (and probably dinner) ready for tomorrow. Ok, so let's hope this is the stepping stone towards continuing to cook (and bake)?! I've seen lots of pictures of really cute cupcakes...can photography be my motivation to cook and bake??? Haha.

[85/365] Colorful Flowers, The Huntington Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California, USA

Happy Easter! Just wanted to post a photo of colorful flowers to capture the spirit of Easter. I miss the days of colorful easter egg hunts!

[84/365] Flower Earrings & Shirt Collar, San Marino, California, USA

Taking a seat on the bench, admiring the tranquility of a stream going through the Huntington Botanical Gardens, I wanted to see if I could get a shot of my earrings and shirt collar. With a 50mm lens, it was suprisingly harder than I thought it'd be (minimal cropping). After many attempts (and wondering why I decided to even do this), I got this photo. :)

[83/365] Fall Leaves and Bamboo Trees, The Huntington Botanical Gardens, San Marino, California, USA

I went to the Huntington yesterday (Library and Botanical Gardens). It's huge! There's all kinds of different gardens. At the entrance to the Japanese Garden area was a bamboo forest and these lovely red leaves. Brought back Japan memories! :) It's not fall anymore, but for that moment as I was strolling through this part of the garden, it sure felt like it!

[82/365] Paints at an Ox Cart Factory, Sarchi, Costa Rica

Not too far of a drive from San Jose, Sarchi is a town in the Central Highlands area of Costa Rica that is known for ox carts. These beautifully hand painted ox carts are a symbol of Costa Rica and it was nice getting to see where and how they are made. These are some of the paint cans in the workshop. Have a great weekend!

[81/365] Silhouettes Against the Setting Sun, Colonia Del Sacramento, Uruguay

Hola! This is another one from Uruguay! We walked around Colonia del Sacramento just as the sun was setting and we came across this. I'm not quite sure what it is, but it was a great photo subject. :) Have a happy Friday!

[80/365] A Splash of Color on a Gray Day, Montevideo, Uruguay

Summer in the United States means it is Winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Two summers ago, I was traveling in South America. We were in Argentina for most of the time, but we had a few days to take a short trip to Uruguay, just a ferry ride away from Buenos Aires. We stayed in the quaint town of Colonia del Sacramento, but we were able to take a EARLY morning bus for a day trip to Montevideo. Boy was it COLD there! We went to a famous theater and outside were these ladies - they just make me think that it was sunny out, even though it was freezing. They definitely put a smile on my face! :)

A gray day can always brighten up with a splash of color!