Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

 A visit to Salt Lake City isn't complete without a trip to Temple Square downtown. The Temple looked even more grand with snow covered surroundings. Did you know that about 60% of Utahns are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints?

Remy and the Other Dogs, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Aww poor Remy. He just wanted to play with the neighbor's dogs all weekend but he couldn't because of an injured leg. What a sad picture...

View Outside Our Room, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

We woke up after a night of snowfall to a beautiful view just outside our door!

I had so much fun on our Utah snow trip!

View from Southwest Flight (SJC > LAX), California, USA

 I love flying Southwest. Or should I say LUV? I started flying Southwest when I started college years ago and I've always been happy with their no change fees and flexibility in booking. Dozens upon dozens of roundtrip flights and a bunch of free Rapid Rewards roundtrips flights earned, I'm still a loyal customer. Haha you'd think I worked for them! Anyway, I stayed awake enough during my flight to be able to take pictures of the view below me. What a pretty sight!

San Jose International Airport, San Jose, California, USA

It has been a while since I've flown in/out of San Jose (I usually fly in/out of Oakland), but in the meantime, it went through a major remodel. I don't think I even recognize it anymore! I liked the architecture a lot. This was of the view looking up from just by my departure gate. I love seeing different airports.

Wat Buddhanusorn, Fremont, California, USA

It was a lovely Sunday in the Bay Area and I was able to visit this temple for the first time! On Sundays, they have vendors in the courtyard selling everything from Thai tea to BBQ meat to curries to Pad Thai. Everything I tried was delicious! Overall, great experience!

Sunset, The Grove, Los Angeles, California, USA

Pretty sunset from the 6th floor of the grove parking lot.

As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting that much. I need some inspiration! Hope to be back to daily soon...