Rainbow over Lake Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

It was a lovely day in Switzerland as we walked around Lake Geneva! The water of the Jet d'eau and the sun created a beautiful rainbow. It was so nice seeing the whole rainbow. So lovely!

View from the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Paris, France

Ever since I first came to Paris, I've always thought that it's such a beautiful city. We went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower and as we waited for the sun to set, we got a great view of all the city, with the Sacre Couer in the distance. Lovely!

Beautiful Fuschia Flowers, Burford, Cotswolds, England, United Kingdom

My oh my! It has been a while! When my family came to visit me in Europe, they started their trip in the UK. We went to visit the beautiful Cotswolds and were very lucky that it was a nice sunny day. On a small stop on our day trip from London, we stopped in the quaint, small town of Burford. Here, I came across these beautiful flowers - I'd say they are the prettiest ones I've seen in my life!