[113/365] The Salt Lick Bar-B-Que Restaurant, Driftwood, Texas, USA

All you can eat BBQ in Texas? Sounds good to me! The Salt Lick restaurant is located just outside of Austin. During the long wait (1 hour, 30 minutes), we roamed the grounds and found things to take pictures of. As we walked into the dining area, we saw the huge pit that all the meat is cooked on. They even invited us behind the counter and around the pit to take pictures as we pleased. That's never happened before!

Mmmmm. Texas BBQ - ribs, brisket and sausages! =P It really seems like all I did in Texas was eat! I left the last restaurant we went to on Sunday night saying that I never wanted to eat ever again (I was soo full!). Haha. I guess it was just an "in the moment" type of comment. I ate today...


Anonymous said...

Meats galore! You must have been in heaven! haha


Jim Charls said...

Well I don't like this stuff much but heard many times about BBQ and the special dishes of BBQ restaurants which are also offered in some driftwood restaurants.

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