Day 3: Monteverde to Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Hola from Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica! Today we arrived in Manuel Antonio and I opened my bag to discover a stowaway - a black beetle the size of my thumb. Who knows how long it had been there or how it even got in, although I imagine it probably wasn't difficult.

Today we left Monteverde the day after the storm and the skies were glorious and the views were amazing. As we went through the curvy roads and out of the mountains, all directions had sights of the rolling green mountains that the area is so famous for. As we got to the Pacific coast, there were miles and miles of beautiful white sand beaches and other attractions along the way. We had a stop where we even walked towards the river and saw a crocodile!

As we reached the Manuel Antonio National Park area, we were welcomed by a stretch of white sand beach with large rocks and caves, with green trees just next to it. The waters were warm and perfect for swimming and jumping with the waves. Throughout the day, the clouds were a mixture of pure white clouds and grey ones looming. There was a short spurt of rain, but after that, the sun set and the beach was even more amazing. Wet areas of the sand became reflection pools and the sky beyond the clouds were a glowing yellow. This photo was taken at the beach during that time, and people became silhouettes against the sky!

Back to San Jose tomorrow morning! Adios!


Anonymous said...

gorgeous beach picture!


Anonymous said...

this so beautiful!

Connie E.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A beetle and a crocodile! You must've totally freaked out! haha..


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