[day 1] London School of Economics (LSE), London, United Kingdon

After a long flight and some delays, I finally arrived in London this morning. It's 8 hours ahead of LA time over here. A ride on the tube to the Russell Park station and a short walk later, I met up with Wendy! It's been a while since I've seen her! Anyway, we had a little picnic at the Lincoln Fields Inn park on the beautiful, sunny London day and then took a stroll to her school, the London School of Economics. Since it's summer, it was more empty than usual.

After that, we went to Hyde Park and hung out on the grass with some of her friends. There were so many people lying out on the grass, typical of a sunny day in London. Right before the last call, we rented a paddle boat and paddled around the Hyde Park lake. By dinnertime, we went to eat in Chinatown and walked around London by night - took some photos of the London Eye and Big Ben and the Westminster Abbey.

Long, but eventful day. Brought back so many memories of being in London four years ago for study abroad. We even passed by the Citadines Aparthotel we stayed at last time!


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yay! london pics! more to come i hope :)


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