[23/365] Brighton Train Station, Brighton, United Kingdom

Sometimes I ask myself why I do this - I've had many hobbies and collections in my lifetime, but committment hasn't been my strongest point. I started this photo diary on April 12, 2009, and amazingly, I am still going - nearly a photo a day - a few misses here and there. I'm actually proud of myself for still keeping up with this. I think its the love of art and beautiful things. Photography is an art form that captures a moment in reality. I make an effort to get out there and see new sights in the world - I think it is the best form of memory I can find.

What started my love of cameras and photography? Maybe my parents instilled this in me - I was photographed many, many, many times since birth - I have albums upon albums at home of each year of my childhood. I got my own film camera sometime in high school and my freshman year in college brought me my greatest gift of all - my first digital camera. Several digital cameras later and I'm still at it. :)

Keeping a daily photo blog keeps me interested in new developments in the photography world and challenges me to find new camera accessories and new destinations - it has certainly been an expensive hobby, but thank goodness for my full time job. It's been fun and I hope to be doing it for a while to come. I'm trying to expand my horizons and dive into fashion photography and portraits. Hopefully you have enjoyed following me on my journey... I like to think this is my own personal mission, and even though having a ton of readers isn't my main goal, it sure helps motivate me to continue. Thank you for reading!

With that said, this is a photo from last summer. I went to visit my friend, Kristin Espanola, in Brighton, UK and I took this photo of the trains as I was leaving to go back to London. I can't say it enough, the rail system in Europe is amazing!


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