"The Choices in your Hands", Cool Globes Exhibition, Los Angeles, California, USA

The choice is in your hands to fight global warming. This is the message being portrayed by artist, Paula Clayton, on the spherical canvas she had to work with. The Cool Globes Exhibition travels throughout the US in order to spread the word about ways to make a change. In LA, there are over 50 colorful globes, each with a meaning and message of its own, but the underlying purpose is similar - fight global warming and save the environment. This globe was painted and adorned with a rich mixture of colors and hands were painted on it to portray what small change one individual can do to make a difference. This unique art project is both educational and exciting to look at!

"Its not about everyone doing everything. Its about everyone doing something." -Environmental Activist Laurie David


Anonymous said...

I love it!

Connie E.

Anonymous said...

Nice! You should've put the picture of me and Lien with are backs towards you! haha jk


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