Tomatoes, Santa Monica Farmer's Market, Santa Monica, California, USA

Even though I don't like eating vegetables, it doesn't mean I can't enjoy photographing them! Early on a Saturday morning at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market on the Third Street Promenade, each booth had its own collection of fresh produce and flowers, along with other items like cheeses, pistachios, seafood and bread. These were some colorful little tomatoes we passed by. They almost look good enough for me to want to eat them. Almost.

[Update] Yes, I'm well aware that tomatoes are scientifically called fruits. You get the idea!


Anonymous said...

ooo...take me next time, i love farmer markets and i love grape tomatoes. you can take pictures of me eating them.

victoria n. said...

if only i knew who wrote that last comment... reveal your identity! =P

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